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Simply some pics that I like enough to favorite them.


Eden2.0 by nelena
by nelena

This is my first critique, so I'm not entirely sure how well I'll do here. I love the background, the clarity of everything, very well ...

This is the list of fandoms I'm willing to RP.

Danny Phantom college years.
Kim Possible college years.
Teen Titans.
Doctor Who.
X-Men Evolution (strictly Evolution).
Naruto, preferably original.
Dragon Ball or DBZ, no GT.
Yu-Gi-Oh! original or GX
Digimon original to series 3.
Pokemon any series/generation.
Ultimate Spiderman (Disney XD version).
Adventure Time.
Regular Show.
Fallout (not any specific game, just in general. New Vegas is the only game I know).
Persona (one of my fave RPG series, not any one specific game but an RP similar to the games).
Devil Survivor (same as Persona).
Shin Megami Tensei (a huge series with various titles, Persona and Devil Survivor included).
Rosario + Vampire.
Love Hina.
Max Steel (Disney XD version).
Tron Uprising.
Avatar: The Last Airbender (original or modern day AU).

That's all I can think of for the time being, I'll add more as I think of more.

Note: Both me and anyone interested in any of these fandoms MUST play as OCs (original characters for those who don't know, meaning a character of your own creation) played AND CCs (canon characters, characters that are officially in the fandom). I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT play all the CCs.


Jeff Ireland
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Note: Everyone on my friend's list on here are people I watch.

Welcome to my profile, which has some stories and pics and such I've made. For anyone who reads my stories, please note this: I give descriptions of one of the main character's looks with a simple action for an intro. Why? Because I fucking hate it when how the character looks is a fucking mystery! But, I only detail the important characters, I don't really bother with secondaries or extras. I don't have my stories edited until after they're finished. If I notice typos or mistakes are pointed out to me before it's done, I fix those, but my general grammar stays until the story's done. For anyone who knows me, you know I'm one for blunt, uncensored content. I don't think shit should be censored, and I fucking hate it when people try to tell me what the fuck to write. I mean seriously, if you don't like it, don't fucking read it. I'm not looking for popularity, I'm looking for people actually enjoying the stories. If you don't enjoy my blunt, uncut language and sexual content, then my stories aren't for you. Yeah, I don't read that many books, the most I read is text on my computer screen, which is usually YouTube comments, Facebook stuff, and roleplay text. My English isn't that good, but in truth, whose fucking is? Seriously. For anyone continuing to read after this, first off, WOW! Second off, yeah, I'm petty much a blunt person/writer. Writing's a hobby of mine, much like roleplaying. I find it fun, and like it when people enjoy my work. Sometimes I take comments and reviews into consideration, other times I don't give a fuck. It's nice when people like my work, I know I'm gonna get hate for some of the shit I write, but I don't fucking care. Okay, thank you for your time to read my entire profile.

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