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Eden2.0 by nelena
by nelena

This is my first critique, so I'm not entirely sure how well I'll do here. I love the background, the clarity of everything, very well ...

I’m gonna be honest, some of these may take a while because I have personal projects going on that I switch between, and I wanna take my time to make all of them feel right. So, as long as you’re patient, it will get done. I do different types of written art, I can’t draw or sketch worth shit. I mostly do poems and oneshot stories. My personal projects are novels and novellas, so hopefully you’ll understand why those are not going to be options here.

With that said, I’ll say this again, just use different wording: These will be written works only, and some may take a while due to my other projects.

My email will be provided below the prices and information of what I will and won’t do. Please email me with the information of what you want, the more details the better. Thank you.

Freeform Poem: $4 for a general 4 stanza poem, +$1 for each additional stanza. If you want fewer stanzas, it’s still $4.

Haiku Poem: $5

Note: Haikus take a bit of thinking to match the syllables and sound good.

Non-sexual Oneshot: Base $15 for three pages, +$5 for each additional page.

Note:  I’m better with sexual stories, so the slightly higher price will motivate me more to get it done and make it good, so hopefully you understand.

Sexual Oneshot: Base $10 for three pages, +$3 for each additional page.

Quicker oneshot prices: +$10 for done in three, +$8 for done in four, and +$5 for done in five days.

Note: I will try to have each commission done within one to two weeks, but if you pay me extra for the faster time, you’ll have to tell me and I will work my ass to get it done in time.

Second note: The rush speeds only apply to the rough draft, not the final draft.

I know those aren’t many options, but it’s something. I promise to make all commissions as good of quality as I can, I’m just trying to get my start in the writing world.

What I won’t do (non-sexual):

    1.       Horror

    2.       Creepypasta

    3.       Fanfiction

    4.       Psychological

    5.       Anything rated G or PG (it has to be PG-13 and up)

What I won’t do (sexual):

    1.     Guro (blood)

    2.     Bathroom play (piss, shit, puke)

    3.     Inflation (inflated stomach)

    4.     Pregnancy

    5.     Mpreg (male pregnancy)

    6.     Vore (cannibalism)

    7.     Giant/giantess of any kind

    8.     Stretching

    9.     Knotting

    10.   Beastiality (meaning no full on animals. Anthros/furries are an exception, I will do anthros/furries)

    11.   Necrophilia (dead bodies)

    12.   Gaping

    13.   Knots

    14.   Rimjobs/ass-to-mouth

    15.   Kidnapping

    16.   Fisting

    17.   Tentacles

    18.   Supernaturals in their monster/beast form

The list goes on. If you request something I don’t like/refuse to do that isn’t on this list, I will add it.

Yes, I know, a fairly long list of what I won’t do, but here’s why: I don’t enjoy writing about those things, and if I don’t enjoy it, then odds are neither will the commissioner, and thus a waste of money. Some things I’m flexible with, but the majority of the “won’t do” list is set in stone. But, now here are some things I might enjoy or do enjoy writing about.

Maybe/yes (sexual):

    1.     Rape (depends on how it’s executed, and how young the victim is, but no kidnapping)

    2.     Incest (almost any pairing)

    3.     Bondage (as long as it’s light to medium, I don’t do that hardcore shit)

    4.     Master/slave (sorta implied with bondage, but wanted to say it anyway)

    5.     Regrettable night of drinking leading to a one night stand with a stranger

    6.     General one night stand

    7.     Whore/slut/prostitute/stripper

    8.     Threesome/polygamy (though it may be a bit of a challenge depending on the grouping and what they have below the belt)

    9.   Casual sex

    10.   Romantic sex

    11.   Shower sex (will generally be slow in working out the details of this)

    12.   Cheating/secret sin (c’mon, it’s wrong but usually hot)

    13.   Supernatural beings (as long as they’re not stereotyped or not that different from how I see their kind should be)

    14.   Boss x worker

    15.   Student x teacher

    16.   Royalty x peasant

    17.   Royalty x guard/trainer

    18.   Royalty x slave

The list for yes also goes on, mostly different types of situations, but there are too many to list, honestly.

This information will be edited and extended as the more things I will and won’t do come to mind. I’ve said all I believe I’ve needed to, so if you’re interested, send me an email of the information of what you want. Please, the more details the better.


Thanks to all who are interested!

Note: You will have to tell me if you want it posted, and if so, where you want it posted. If not, I'll just email you the file of the completed work.

Payment method: Paypal, upfront. Will give that information once the commission is discussed.


Jeff Ireland
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Note: Everyone on my friend's list on here are people I watch.

Welcome to my profile, which has some stories and pics and such I've made. For anyone who reads my stories, please note this: I give descriptions of one of the main character's looks with a simple action for an intro. Why? Because I fucking hate it when how the character looks is a fucking mystery! But, I only detail the important characters, I don't really bother with secondaries or extras. I don't have my stories edited until after they're finished. If I notice typos or mistakes are pointed out to me before it's done, I fix those, but my general grammar stays until the story's done. For anyone who knows me, you know I'm one for blunt, uncensored content. I don't think shit should be censored, and I fucking hate it when people try to tell me what the fuck to write. I mean seriously, if you don't like it, don't fucking read it. I'm not looking for popularity, I'm looking for people actually enjoying the stories. If you don't enjoy my blunt, uncut language and sexual content, then my stories aren't for you. Yeah, I don't read that many books, the most I read is text on my computer screen, which is usually YouTube comments, Facebook stuff, and roleplay text. My English isn't that good, but in truth, whose fucking is? Seriously. For anyone continuing to read after this, first off, WOW! Second off, yeah, I'm petty much a blunt person/writer. Writing's a hobby of mine, much like roleplaying. I find it fun, and like it when people enjoy my work. Sometimes I take comments and reviews into consideration, other times I don't give a fuck. It's nice when people like my work, I know I'm gonna get hate for some of the shit I write, but I don't fucking care. Okay, thank you for your time to read my entire profile.

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