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Why is it when I love someone,
They sacrifice just about everything,
And I don’t do shit,
Because it’s just fucking stupid to me?
I barely sacrifice anything,
I don’t even know why,
And yet those that read my emotions,
Give up anything for my sake.
Always the most damaged and broken,
That get rid of what little they still have,
To keep my emotions in check,
Am I really that toxic?
I’m killing them slowly because I don’t see a need for so much sacrifice,
I’m a territorial and jealous asshole,
I’m toxic,
:iconfyreman666:Fyreman666 0 0
Melinda Kaida - Pokemon Trainer OC by Fyreman666 Melinda Kaida - Pokemon Trainer OC :iconfyreman666:Fyreman666 14 7
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Whore - Chapter Three - Training Begins :iconfyreman666:Fyreman666 0 0
Avengers/Ultimate Spider-Man/Teen Titans OC by Fyreman666
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Avengers/Ultimate Spider-Man/Teen Titans OC :iconfyreman666:Fyreman666 2 10
Teen Titans OC by Fyreman666 Teen Titans OC :iconfyreman666:Fyreman666 0 0
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Whore - Chapter Two - The First Night :iconfyreman666:Fyreman666 0 0
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Whore - Chapter One - Getting Help :iconfyreman666:Fyreman666 0 0
Abby - X-Men Evolution OC
Name: Abby
Age: 16
Height: 5'7"
Race: Mutant/Pyrokenetic
Skin Color/Tone: Pale white
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Hair Style: Straight down
Hair Length: To the small of her back
Eye Color: Crimson
Breast/Cup Size: Either a large C or small D. Either way fairly big in my opinion.
Body Figure: Busty hourglass
Body Tone: She's well muscled, but she doesn't look it. She just looks like a girl who knows how to maintain a good figure, no abs or muscles really showing, but she can lift some pretty good sized weights.
Clothes: A cosplay version of Final Fantasy X-2's Paine's main clothes. They're detailed in her intro.
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian (Unsure if it should be bi due to her erotica interests. Help?)
Likes: Goth style clothes and fashion, violent action movies and games, RPGs, lesbian, shemale, and futa erotica, long, hot showers to relieve stress, and being left alone to herself and her reading.
Dislikes: Men, her body, her powers, overall herself and her entire life, psychos, drugs, dru
:iconfyreman666:Fyreman666 1 0
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Simply some pics that I like enough to favorite them.

A lot of people have jobs, jobs the absolutely fucking hate, but stick with because they say they have so few choices or none at all. But that doesn't stop co-workers from fucking them over and bosses being dicks and cutting off those people or pushing them beyond their limits.

A lot of people say it's not a job if you do what you love, and some people truly enjoy their work, and that's awesome for them. But what if what you love isn't enough on its own? What if what you love is impossible to make a living from on your own? Do you branch out and combine it with another thing you love, or do you settle with something you're going to hate?

What if you could work with a team of people and get yourself out there faster with what you love, but for potentially smaller pay? What if that team would help you in every way possible, but you hate working with others? What if you could keep going solo but work slower and potentially hinder your performance?

I enjoy doing a lot of things, some of those things people can make jobs out of it, and that's awesome. But I hate working with people I don't know, I hate the idea of trusting someone on a team without knowing the details of their personal and professional life. My strongest passion is my writing, which I've improved time and time again and still am improving. On my own, it's slow. With the help of my friends, it's a little fast, but still slow. I haven't published anything, and my first book I do plan on publishing I do plan on selling. However, the goal will hinder potential cash flow, as it's just to get my name out there and teach people about the topic it surrounds.

I refuse to get a normal job because everything about that straight up angers me; the competitiveness, how easy it is to get fired, how depressing and purely shitting most jobs and working conditions are. Does that make me an idiot? Probably. But it doesn't change shit. I do have other interests I have yet to work on. Should I expand what I do? Should I stay solo? Should I try and find a group of people that I can trust and be friends with and get shit done with? I don't know. Probably, if I want to eventually be on my own. But the thing about that is... That scares me too. I don't mean being away from my mom, I mean being on my own wherever I am. Most of the time, my stupid choices can work for me, but this is untested waters for me, and I want to keep going this path to keep myself happy and avoid the shit that just depresses and angers me... But I don't know if I can...

I know there are free options to learn from and help me choose from all the potentials options I have, and some not-so-free that'd require money I don't have and that mom can't spare... I'm not asking for help, I'm not asking for advice or a guide to make a choice... I'm asking what are your thoughts on this as a whole? Am I an idiot for being like this? Is it bad that I'm like this? Have I made some good points? Does anyone think like how I do? Simply, what do you think?


Jeff Ireland
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Note: Everyone on my friend's list on here are people I watch.

Welcome to my profile, which has some stories and pics and such I've made. For anyone who reads my stories, please note this: I give descriptions of one of the main character's looks with a simple action for an intro. Why? Because I fucking hate it when how the character looks is a fucking mystery! But, I only detail the important characters, I don't really bother with secondaries or extras. I don't have my stories edited until after they're finished. If I notice typos or mistakes are pointed out to me before it's done, I fix those, but my general grammar stays until the story's done. For anyone who knows me, you know I'm one for blunt, uncensored content. I don't think shit should be censored, and I fucking hate it when people try to tell me what the fuck to write. I mean seriously, if you don't like it, don't fucking read it. I'm not looking for popularity, I'm looking for people actually enjoying the stories. If you don't enjoy my blunt, uncut language and sexual content, then my stories aren't for you. Yeah, I don't read that many books, the most I read is text on my computer screen, which is usually YouTube comments, Facebook stuff, and roleplay text. My English isn't that good, but in truth, whose fucking is? Seriously. For anyone continuing to read after this, first off, WOW! Second off, yeah, I'm petty much a blunt person/writer. Writing's a hobby of mine, much like roleplaying. I find it fun, and like it when people enjoy my work. Sometimes I take comments and reviews into consideration, other times I don't give a fuck. It's nice when people like my work, I know I'm gonna get hate for some of the shit I write, but I don't fucking care. Okay, thank you for your time to read my entire profile.


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hey i had an idea. since we aren't continuing the rp, maybe you can write it out (how you 100% wanted it) in a journal or something. kinda like a fan fiction, but not really.
Fyreman666 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I could, but I won't. One, she may be a fan character, but she's strictly RP use only unless I change my mind, which may or may not happen. Two, writing a story or specific idea around her would take a while, and I'm not sure how many would find the idea. Even then, those that did find it might not necessarily like it, or the fact in the RP there'd be a 12-14 year old girl having sex because of my rules/needs and how stubborn I can be. And three, it's simply a pain in the ass to find RPers that can follow my rules with little problem.
Supergoomba554 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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